Fortum is the owner of the four hydroelectric power plants. Information related to their project related to the Mustionjoki River was received and they were informed about this project.


Finland's environmental administration was contacted in order to get information about the river and about the fishways. Experts were contacted and interviewed.


Virtavesien hoitoyhdistys ry was contacted in order to get consulting related to the plan, because the association has carried out several projects related to fishways and river restorations in Uusimaa County.


The technical center of the town of Raasepori was contacted to receive maps and information related to the river and the fishways.


Västra Nyland newspaper was contacted to publish articles about the project. They published two articles during the project. They helped us in distributing information about the project by publishing a relatively long article (1 page) about the project in 16.04.2010 (see here). The final article was offered to the newspaper as well.


Etelä-Uusimaa newspaper was contacted in order to publish articles about the project. One article was published during the project (Etelä-Uusima 2010). The final article was offered to the newspaper.


Five local associations were contacted in order to reach people who would be interested in participating in the questionnaire study. Karis gårds-och bostadsförening (yard and habitation association of Karjaa), Mustion kyläyhdistys (the village association of Mustio), Probillnäs (village and inhabitants association of Billnäs and its surroundings) and Åminnefors fiskeförening (the fishing society in Åminnefors) were contacted.