Results of the questionnaire study

The purpose of the questionnaire was to find out the opinions of the local people. Opinion towards the river, ecology, fishing, tourism and culture were investigated.


From the 20 answers we got, we can say that the local people seem to be well aware of the ecological situation of the river. It also approved that fishing and ecology are very important for the area. Fishing was seen as an important hobby and also a way to attract more tourists in the area. The possible growth in the amount of tourists was considered to be a positive issue. The fishways were seen as positive things which would bring more activity and life to the area. The river and its ecology seem to be important issues for the local people. The inhabitants consider the cultural places by the river to be realtively important for them.


Another goal of the questionnaire study was to find out which places by the river are most important areas for the local people. On the grounds of the study, it seems that there are no precise areas y the river which would be clearly most popular. It seems that the whole river area is about equally important for the inhabitants. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to consider that the study reached only a fraction of the total amount of inhabitants in the area.


- 02.05.2010